Personal Info
Manga Chapter 30

A mysterious photographer who travelled around the world and took pictures of “radiance”. He also knew what “Lost Rebound” was, despite not being a Jinki user (or at least, not revealed to be one). He saved little Arisugawa Rena from Kanshu and left Hatsumi Island with her. He seems to be a kind and careful person. Rena and Master travelled together took pictures, and Rena was getting new memories. He gave Rena last name “Arisugawa”; the name of the forgotten family from Hatsumi Island. When Rena’s Jinki awakened he left on a "long journey", leaving Rena in the care of Hayato and Suzu, along with a mysterious message; “From this point on remember - the cocoon is the beginning of everything”. It has not been revelaled as to whether he is still alive or not.