Amami Amane


Personal Info
Name (Romaji) Amami (Sasamori) Amane
Epithet Amane-nee
Age 18
Gender Female
Status Dead/Reincarnated as Neene
Manga Chapter 2

Amane Amami (天海 天音 Amami Amane) or known as Amane-nee (天音姉 Amane-nee) is Riku's step-sister and love interest that disappeared during an accident two years ago.


Early YearsEdit

Originally she was Amane Sasamori (笹森 天音 Sasamori Amane. Eight years before the story, her father died near the same time as Riku's mother. Later after that, Shizuru and her moved in with Daichi as they were both students of his. Eventually Shizuru got closer with him and became married. Eventually, the sisters took on Daichi's family name, Amami.


As a spirit, she appeared twice during the story. The first one is known where Riku searched for her during the incident, telling Riku to forget about her. The second time is during Riku is on the verge of death, where she guided Neene to use her ability to turn Riku into a special Kanshu, in order to save him.


Not much is known about Amane's personality seeing as she as only appeared in flashbacks. What is known is that she is very caring, loving, and cheerful girl, so much that Riku fell in love with her soon after he met her.


Amane has brown hair and brown eyes. She is usually seen in her school uniform except when she was younger. She is said to look exactly like Neene when she was a baby.