Amami Shizuru


Personal Info
Name (Kanji) 天海 静流
Name (Romaji) Amami (originally Sasamori) Shizuru
Epithet Granny
Age 30
Gender Female
Status Alive
Manga Chapter 2

Amami Shizuru, Riku's stepmother, she witnessed Neene's birth and acts as a surrogate mother to Neene. She was taken by F.L.A.G. to have her memories erased but was saved by Rena and Hayato.


Early YearsEdit

Originally she was Shizuru Sasamori, but 8 years before the story, her father died near the same time as Riku's mother and she moved in with Daichi as they were both students of his. Eventually they got closer and became married, taking on Daichi's family name.

Neene's BirthEdit

Coming Soon

End of LiesEdit

Shizuru spent three months waiting for Riku to return and promptly slapped him upon return. She broke down into tears once Riku mentioned that he couldn't protect Neene.


Coming soon


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