A Jinki User is a person with a Jinki Core created by Coffin Princess Julie. They are immune to the memory-lapse effect caused by the Kanshu and can activate their cores by "Kensei"(Lit: Creation Awakening). The process is to focus all the senses on the core, granting the user a C.A.G.E. and a Jinki (Blade). Anyone that witnesses a Kensei will become immune to the memory-lapse.

There are two methods of gaining a core: having it activate after being attacked by a Kanshu (Awakened-Type) or gaining one from another Jinki User (Inherited-Type). Those who have a core are infected by the Kanshu virus but are immune to it. However, if the core is removed or the Jinki runs out of power (which it eventually will) then they will be transformed into Kanshu as well.

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