Clara Kirishima


Personal Info
Name (Kanji) 霧島 鞍螺
Name (Romaji) Kirishima Clara
Age 13
Gender Female
Classification Jinki User
Family Joe Kirishima (Brother)
Status Alive
Jinki Name Starlight-Glory (Flail-Type) (Awakened-Type)
Manga Chapter 28

Clara Kirishima is Joe's 13 year old sister and a Jinki user. She, like her brother, has a habit of giving people nicknames and is capable of seeing through Riku's lies. Her most notable features are her curly blond hair pulled into a ponytail and her mismatched eyes (the right eye is gold, and the left is blue). Jinki: Starlight-Glory (Flail-Type, Awakened-Type chapter 28)

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