Personal Info
Name (Romaji) Ende
  • Coffin Princess of Karasawa Shirou
  • The Second Coffin Princess
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Height  ?
Classification Coffin Princess
Status Unknown
Jinki Name None
Manga Chapter 52

Ende was the second Coffin Princess in modern times, and was created from the remains of Sayako Tokiji by Karasawa Shirou. He taught her to speak in computer terms when describing activities such as searching her memories, connecting to the Embryo, etc. At the time of her appearance, she resembles a young adolescent girl around the age of a middle school student. After the battle, it is unknown what became of her.


Hatsumi IslandEdit

When Tokiji Sayako was killed during the operation to steal the cocoon of the Ootori family, Karasawa Shirou used the cocoon that she'd taken to make her a coffin princess. They couldn't leave the island, so he tried to keep her a secret and hid her in the radio tower. As time passed he secretly had her gather the memories of those on the island to have her grow faster. When Shirou was captured, she began broadcasting a signal to turn the majority of the island into Kanshu. This lead to a battle between Ende and Julie, and the destruction of Hatsumi Island. Using the last of her energy, she saved her master. When Shirou found her several years later, she was unconscious and remained for two years.

Ende Preparing For Battle

F.L.A.G.'s Longest DayEdit

When Ende was finally recovered, she had lost her memories and witnessed her master's death, sending her on a rampage that began destroying the city. She engaged Neene in battle until Julie interrupted her trying to access the Embryo. In a last effort, she released a final attack and went missing.


When she was born from her cocoon, she resembled an infant between 1-2 years old. Within the time since her birth to the time of the destruction of Hatsumi Island, she grew exponentially, only being outdone by her older sister, Julie.


Ende is the most aggressive, but composed, of all the sisters when it comes to her master.


Kanshu CreationEdit

As with all coffin princesses, Ende can create Kanshu like her sisters, she is responsible for the majority of the Kanshu in the series.

Memory ManipulationEdit

Ende can alter and absorb the memories of others.


Ende can produce a cage in order to defend or attack, such as creating a giant copy of herself, a large blade, countless needles, and a spear.