Joe Kirishima


Personal Info
Name (Kanji) 霧島 譲
Name (Romaji) Kirishima Joe
Age 18
Classification Jinki User
Family Clara Kirishima (Sister)
Jinki Name Tri-Edge Burning-Arrow (Awakened-Type)
Manga Chapter 28

Joe Kirishima is 18 years old and a former member of the Annex Division who returned to active duty after the school invasion. He was Yohei's rival and now considers Riku his successor since he has Yohei's Jinki core. He bears a cross-shaped scar on his forehead and is notable for his blond hair and his sunglasses, which he wears even when indoors or at night. He tends to use the English pronoun "you" instead of its Japanese equivalent. When introduced, he and Clara stated themselves to be 1/4 Japanese. His Jinki is the Tri-Edge Burning-Arrow (Bow-Type, Awakened-Type chapter 28).

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