Personal Info
Name (Kanji) ジュリ
Name (Romaji) Juri
  • Coffin Princess of Takao Ryuusei
  • The First Coffin Princess
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Height  ?
Classification Coffin Princess
Status Deceased(Her body was destroyed but not her soul)
Jinki Name None
Manga Chapter 57

Julie (ジュリ Julie?) is a "Coffin Princess" created after Takao's mother, Juri, died in the middle of a revolt against the building of an hotel. She was the first coffin princess in modern times and the only one without a physical body following her fight with Ende. She constantly refers to Takao as Ryuu-chan.


Hatsumi IslandEdit

Julie was born shortly after Takao's mother had died and her power was used to make several people kill themselves to stop the building of an hotel. She was constantly chained up and kept inside a cage beneath the Takao household, but would sneak out with Takao's help to go for a walk. She fought against Ende after she began turning everyone on the island into Kanshu and died protecting Takao.

Julie dying to protect her master.

F.L.A.G.'s Longest DayEdit

Since her physical body was destroyed, her power was split into the Jinki Cores that Jinki User's have. Her consciousness seems to reside inside these cores. Takao summoned her to deny Ende's access to Embryo using several cores that he harvested.
Julie Reborn

Julie Reborn.

Flash BackEdit

Julie appears before Riku and Rena once they Kensei and give them more control over seeing the events of the Island.
Julie's Memories

Julie arranging the memories of the island.


When she was alive, she looked the most mature of all the Coffin Princesses.


Julie was easily the most childish of the three Coffin Princesses, being playful and innocent, but extremely child-like and dependent on her master. Like her sisters, she would go to any length to protect her master.


Kanshu CreationEdit

All Coffin Princesses can create Kanshu, she has never done so while under Takao's control.

Memory ManipulationEdit

Julie can alter and absorb the memories of others.


Julie absorbing the memories of the Ootori Youth Gang.


Julie has only used her C.A.G.E to create an armored samurai for Takao to control and fight Ende. After her death it seems to be used for replaying the events of Hatsumi Island.