Nanami Kiritani

Kensei Nanami

Personal Info
Name (Kanji) 桐谷 七味
Name (Romaji) Kiritani Nanami
Epithet Jinki Doctor
Gender Female
Classification Jinki User
  • Yasora Kiritani
  • Father (Deceased)
Status Deceased
Jinki Name Nuiyami
Manga Chapter 65

Nanami Kiritani (桐谷 七味 Kiritani Nanami?) is the president of the Reserves Departement's "Jinki users mutual aid society" (a.k.a. The Meeting Of Flags). She works as a volunteer counselor, going around the hospitals and homes to lend a hand on taking care the Lost Rebound victims. She speaks in a "strange" Kansai accent, as noted by Riku on Chapter 66.

She's killed by the black beast in chapter 71.


Early YearsEdit

Five years before the story, her father was infected and became a Jinki User. Her brother became a Lost Rebound victim in the process.


She's often seen wearing a doctor's coat and skirt.


Nanami acts like a Big Sister all of the younger Jinki Users, superimposing her brother onto Riku, but supporting them through their problems. She's also slightly ditzy.



Her Jinki "Nuiyami" has the ability to revitalize other's Jinki Core, although it can't repair the one that already damaged.