Youhei Takebe


Personal Info
Name (Romaji) Takebe Youhei
Epithet You-nii
Age 19
Gender Male
Height  ?
Classification Jinki User
Family Unknown
Status Deceased
Jinki Name Karadachi (Inherited-Type)
Manga Chapter 1

Youhei Takebe (武部 洋平 Takebe Yōhei?) is a former Jinki User who fought alongside several others and was a childhood friend of Riku. He inherited his Jinki core from his teacher, and later passed it onto Riku to save him from the infection, resulting in having Riku kill him before he completely became a Kanshu.


Becoming a Jinki UserEdit

He was childhood friends with Riku, who he met in the hospital and it lasted throughout their elementary school days. He often hung out with Shizuru, Amane, and Riku. Sometime later in middle school, his entire class became Kanshu and he was injured and near death when his teacher gave him her Jinki core and he had to kill her. He soon dropped out of school and joined the annex division.

Meeting an Old FriendEdit

He saves Riku from some thugs in the hospital and then took an attack for him from some Kanshu and destroyed them after urging Riku to close his eyes so that he wouldn't see him "Kensei". He then spent the rest of the day and night hunting down Kanshu, before calling Shizuru to check up on Riku. He soon met up with him in the park and learned that Riku remembered the Kanshu.


When a Kanshu took Neene, he chased it down and witnessed Riku become a Kanshu and forced him to snap out of it. When Riku was taken by F.L.A.G. due to Riku becoming a Kanshu, with F.L.A.G. intention of using Riku as test subject, he went there with Rena and Neene to check Riku's condition, as well as delivering Neene back to Riku. He encountered Takao during Riku's outbreak and later, he asked Takao for a Jinki core to save Riku, but it enraged him to the point where the fighting escalated. Left with no other choice in middle of life and death, he gave his core to Riku in the same manner that his teacher did, desperately trying to save Riku. He was decapitated before he could become a complete Kanshu by Riku as one of his last wishes. It is known later that non-jinki users have forgotten about him.


Youhei is tall and had short blond hair. He often wore a wind breaker with a vest and shorts.


He was an optimistic and cheerful person, whose loyalty to his friends was unshakable. He had a rivalry with Joe.




He's formidable with a his Jinki but the full extent of his abilities remain unknown.


He's inherited his Jinki from his teacher to save him from his injuries at the cost of her life. It takes the form of a short blade but has a long range attack where it release a burst of energy outwards. It is an inherited-type Jinki.