Uros (Lit: Cavities) are lesser-Kanshu that are controlled by Karasawa Shiro's Kamogari. They were dead from the beginning, but somehow is re-animated by Kamogari and act as pawns for them.


Unlike conventional Kanshu, Uro does not change from their human appearance. They were turned into one after being deceased by unseen method, but once turned, they act like how they used to be albeit still decomposing, only becoming to attack when they are told so. Such occasion can be seen during Chapter 50, when a normal girl was panicking just a minute ago, when F.L.A.G. member rescues her, she quickly succumbs to the control and starts to attack people. They are not conscious that they are dead, nor they are conscious of their own thinking. They only works under orders of Kamogari.

Uros are not detectable on NEFT's Kanshu Detector, and their existence are not known to F.L.A.G. Takao Ryuusei, however is very familiar with them and can quickly tell who are Uros and who are not.

Takao described them as another way for human to go ruin other than Kanshu Infection

Agatsuma Yui's father became an Uro.


Uros are not battle-compatible when it comes to Jinki User or Jinki Hunter, therefore they are normally used to protect and maintain the Circuits around the town. Most of time though, they are ordered to carry on with their previous life.


Unlike Kanshu who can gain completely inhuman abilities, Uros does not go above other than removal of moral. However they can be as strong as to completely bite off a grown man's neck, despite being a girl of age 9~10. Since their human morale are completely stripped off, they are extremely brutal if told to fight. It can be a serious threat to normal F.L.A.G worker or un-Kenseied Jinki User.